Psychology use a variety of methods from observational to statistical methods to quantity variables allowing a decision to be drawn based on these figures. Measures can be produced to represent the variable however there can be some doubtfulness in the justification of the degree.
Validity is the technique of measuring what was originally intended to be measured in the early stages of an investigation therefore without validity research can be rendered unhelpful. So clearly there is a cause for determining factors and the effects of which they inflict however not all figures can be measured.
A common misconception of the image of a psychologist is the ability to read people’s minds. In reality this idea is an unrealistic theory however observations both conscious and unconscious may contribute to a just decision but no such ability of mindreading is involved. The ability to read peoples thoughts is one the ideas that not only psychologists cannot measure but also humans. A person’s thoughts and mind is both a conscious and unconscious being which varies between individuals suggesting even if a method could be acquired to achieve this a measureable scale could not be calculated based on the level of individual differences. From this it can be recognised that there are some forms in which psychologists cannot measure and also some forms which have been misrepresented by the implied measure.
Ainsworth & Bell (1970) is a prime example of an effective measure used within psychology. Developing a scale consisting of type B, type A and type C attachments, Ainsworth & Bell produced a measureable scale of secure and insecure attachments basing their research on 100 middle class American infants and their mother figure. Factors such as attachment although a difficult area to categorise is an example of one of the many influential measurements used by psychologists.
Within memory the capacity in long term memory store is classified as infinite although this is a measure it is also a rather vague scale of measurement. It could be suggested there is a defined number ranging between individuals, which is just too large to calculate therefore the term infinite is applied to resolve confliction upon the matter providing a generalised measurement. Within a research topic this level of applying value would not be accepted method. It can be seen that although it lacks evidence this measure is agreed upon by most psychologists raising the question is long term memory classified as a measured aspect or merely collective idea?
Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words maybe something cannot be achieved in words and therefore should not be confined to a definition or a measure as sometimes the best thing about an entity is not being able to full understand it. Baring this in mind although some may view the inability to measure certain mechanisms, such as thoughts, as an negative it may not be a restriction upon the field but a constraint on the ability to appreciate the present context.